The most common question our customers seem to ask us is how we came up with our name “Bazar the Zoo”. To understand the story you need to go back to early 2006 when our coffee shop “Bazar” first opened. Over the years our coffee shop slowly gained a reputation for quality and became one of the most popular coffee shops in the area. In 2011 a vape shop called “the zoo vape shop” also opened a few blocks away. Over the next few years, Victor, the owner of this shop would frequent our coffee shop and quickly became friends with all of the staff. In 2014 The Zoo was doing great business but was finding it hard to stay profitable due to the high rent prices in the area. It was around this time that we decided to move his business to our shop so that we could continue to grow and better serve our community. It was from this that we became known as “Bazar the Zoo” or “The Zoo” as our regulars refer to us as.