My First Upgrade from the Starter Kit

When I first began trying to learn about mods, mechs, tanks, juice and everything else that comes along with vaping I was so confused. I’m usually a fast learner but we are so lucky to have all different kinds of equipment available to us that it can really shake you up trying to find a great fit to keep us analog free.

I kept hearing the KISS rule in my mind… keep it simple stupid!… so I had my ego starter kit. It did well to begin with but as long as I had been smoking I knew I needed something a little better. I began to ask questions and do some research. From everyone’s advice and what videos I watched I needed something I could have some control over. Something I could adjust the volts on that would give me more power. I didn’t want to jump feet first into full mechanical because I had no clue what an ohm even was (an electrician I’m not! Lol) but I got some advice from some knowledgeable people and bought a Vision Spinner along with a Nautilis tank.

I loved it! I could turn the voltage up and get better vape and the new tank was so much better than the CE4 I was using on the ego. The difference was like night and day. The air holes vs. None on the CE4 made my lungs a lot happier! I found a couple of local shops with juice bars that would make what I wanted and let me taste it so I could tweak it to my liking because everyone’s taste are different. I was in business! Just a few short days later I layed down the analogs completely and decided I was done. Today is my 29th day smoke free.

Now what worked for me, may or may not work for you. The starter kits ate great but that’s exactly what they are for, starting. I have saw some post lately where people are doing well on the starters and are still using them. The main point is what YOU need as an individual to keep you from smoking. If any new people have questions please don’t be afraid to ask. I will help you all I can and I’m not afraid to pull in some veterans that know more than I do.

Have a great Sunday and keep on vaping!

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