Quick rundown on a SXmini S-Class

The SXmini S-class, by Yihi, is one of my favorite variable wattage devices on the market. With it’s sleek and ergonomic design, it’s form factor can’t be beat. Now, I know a lot of people will complain about the price point on these devices, but once you feel the quality of one, you’ll know it’s an investment more than an expendature.

The SX350 chip set is probably the most reliable and accurate available at the moment. (You’ll hear that phrase a lot “available/on the market at the moment”, and the reason being is that the market is constantly evolving and producing better product.) With an accurate battery sensor and the gyroscopic adjustments, it makes the SX350 stand out amid the other chips out there.

The amount of power that this device puts out is currently limited to 60w, but for the majority of individuals, that’s enough. The SX350 is an upgradable chip though, so never fear, when Yihi decides to drop that extention for another 18650 battery there will be a 120w upgrade for the chip. There is also the option of a Bypass mode, which allows for the chip control to be overridden and the device will act as a mechanical mod.

I personally love the memory presets on this device. I swap through tanks and rbas, and usually stick to a rotation of about four a day. Without having to fine tune the device with each swap, it makes changing them out obscenely quick.

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