What devices would I recommend to a new vaper?

I’ve been asked time and again by people curious about getting in to vaping or someone who bought a poor performing starter kit what I recommend. New gear is coming out at a break neck pace and it hard to keep up, even when you obsess over the amount of review videos that I do. As of today, August 7, 2014 here is what I recommend and why…

As far as the battery or mod goes most people start off with an eGo style stick battery. Some are variable voltage and some are just a straight battery with a button. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and these are fine to get you started. The only major drawback for a new vaper is the battery life… The mAh or milliamp hours will vary but most 1000 mAh batteries will last most of the day.


If you’ve got an eGo and you’re looking for the next step up I highly recommend going with Innokin‘s MVP 2.0. It’s a box mod but it has insane battery life and does variable voltage, variable wattage, tracks your battery life, and tells you how much you’re vaping via puff counter. This is a super dependable, super solid device and can carry you beyond into more advanced levels of vaping should you choose to go that direction.


The second component is the Tank you screw on to the battery. This is where you should begin to get picky and consider spending a little more. The tank section holds your e-liquid and coil head that heats up and produces the vapor. I found out the hard way that not all tanks are created equal… VERY far from it. Most tanks that come in a starter kit are disposables. Even if they have a changeable coil head, the coils themselves are sub par and will either not last or fail completely. The most popular tank manufacturers make a decent tank so if you stick to a Kanger or Aspire or Innokin tank, you should be able to find a quality tank that works for you.

Since we’re going on my recommendations here, I would HIGHLY recommend the Anyvape Peakomizer. I would go as far as to say it’s currently the best tank for vaping. It just recently came out but it is unique in that it will accept coil heads from virtually any manufacturer and it has adjustable air flow. Although more and more vape tanks have adjustable airflow, I really like how reliable this tank is.


So, there ya have it! My current recommendations as of today. Feel free to comment with any questions you may have about these devices or run out and buy them all! You can thank me later!

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